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Foundation Classes IX - XII

IIT JEE foundation courses are intentional prepared for class 8, class 9 and class 10 students. Using this iit foundation course student starts their journey of engineering life. One of very tough and competitive exam like iit jee mains and advance is the aim. Student does prepare for iit jee exams from lower classes. Many students do not aware of the methods to prepare for jee.

Someone they fall in wrong line of action. After some failure they realize their mistake and then they adopt correct path. The IIT JEE foundation course yes it is the best choice. IIT foundation course keep them in leading position.

How IIT Foundation Course helps?


  • It helps students to learn Math, Chemistry and Physics concepts thoroughly for effective learning
  • It encourages students to develop a logical approach and apply learnings in real-life situations
  • It prepares students for national/international talent exams, competitive exams and Olympiads
  • And most importantly the course makes students test-ready for engineering entrance exams – IIT JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, IIT JEE Advanced and more

When to Start for IIT Foundation Course?


IIT Foundation Course can be started once a student is studying in VII standard. Starting early helps aspiring engineering studentsto learn Math, Chemistry and Physics concepts clearly well in advance before they reaches their XI class. It also help serious students to stay focused, competitive and ahead of the race.

The course material depends in which Standard a student joins the IIT Foundation Course e.g. if a student joins the IIT Foundation Course in VIII or IX class, the course will include Math, Chemistry and Physics concepts of that particular class.

Course Material


  • MGTL High Score IIT foundation curriculum is designed to meet the ever demanding needs of the students.
  • It not only covers the Competitive & Scholastic exam syllabus but also prepares students with their School exam syllabus (All Boards ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IGCSE, IB)
  • Subjects covered are Sciences, Maths, & Logical Reasoning.
  • Pre-planned lectures from the most qualified and experienced faculty involving the best use of innovative modern techniques – audio visual, power point presentations etc.
  • Course Material – Covers synopsis of the chapter, key concepts & minimum 100 MCQ’s in each chapter. Course material consists of study material of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English & Logical Reasoning.

MGTL Score High is a leading coaching institute situated at Bangalore India.