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National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) is a scholarship programme conducted by NCERT, as a part of their National Talent Search Scheme launched way back in 1963 with an objective to identify talented students and encourage them to pursue higher education. The scheme provides financial assistance to meritorious students in the form of monthly scholarship. Students who are awarded the scholarship receive financial assistance up to Ph.D level in Social Sciences, Basic Sciences and Commerce. The scheme has undergone many changes in the pattern, structure and various other aspects over the years in response to the changing needs of the children and the conditions of the society. Though it was initially aimed at motivating deserving students to go for higher studies, with the growing importance to higher education in the present day society, the objective of the programme is more focussed on recognising students with extremely high intellectual abilities and academic excellence. That means, in addition to providing scholarships to students throughout their future academic career, a rewarding performance in NTSE has now become a very valuable addition to the credentials of a child.

NTSE consists of two Tests:

MAT (Mental Ability Test) shall contain questions from analogies, series, problem solving, reasoning, classification, figures, coding words, etc. The MAT test check the candidate's ability to think, reasoning and problem solving.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test shall contain questions from Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. There will a Language comprehensive test also.

Benefits of NTSE


  • Prestigious Scholarship
  • Priority for admissions in good institutions
  • Invitations for science workshop and seminars



All students studying in recognised schools of class X are eligible to appear for the Stage-I NTS Examination. Student from any board can appear for the examination. The scheme is open only to students of Indian nationality.

However, Indian students studying Abroad in calss 10 can appear directly for Stage-II NTS Examination.

Course Program


  • Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (Physics; Chemistry; Biology)
  • Social Sciences (History; Geography; Civics; Economics)
  • English

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