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In India, like most developing countries, there exists a system of “private tuition”1 parallel to the formal system of education to supplement academic support and to overcome school inadequacies. In recent years private tutoring emerged as major force as a result of both demand and market mechanisms. In fact, in terms of its nature, extent and importance it is comparable to the formal system or, it is like a shadow of the formal system (Bray, 1999). In other words, private tutoring acts as surrogate mother as schools became ineffective. The system of private tuition has been in existence in India for a long time but in recent times it has grown manifold affecting the very core of educational system. Though private tutoring is prevalent at all levels of education it is preponderant in secondary education mainly because performance in public examinations is an important aspect to meet increased competition for entering into desired academic streams and thereby to higher, technical, and professional education, etc.

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